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Case Study: No More Labeling Errors for Medical Company

Check out our new case study to learn how Aspen Medical Products eliminated manual steps from their current labeling environment, utilized a browser-based printing interface, and complied with various industry regulations by implementing TEKLYNX CENTRAL CFR.

Read the case study to find out how Aspen Medical Products was able to:

  • Eliminate human error: The implementation of the new labeling system allowed employees to automate "country of origin" on labels based on lot numbers.
  • Grow internationally: A centralized labeling system seamlessly and accurately allowed Aspen Medical Products to print around the world from a browser-based printing interface.
  • Comply with medical device regulations: Employees can now efficiently create accurate labels compliant with FDA standards such as 21 CFR Part 11 and UDI.
  • ...and much more! 

To see what TEKLYNX CENTRAL CFR can do for your business, request a free demo here.