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How do I set up my TEKLYNX (CODESOFT / LABELVIEW / LABELMATRIX) Network and client workstation?

***These Screenshots are in TEKLYNX CODESOFT, but work for all products.***


1.       Open your Network Toolbar by going to Start > All Programs > Teklynx Network Utilities > Network Toolbar.

2.       To activate, click on the License Upgrade button.

3.       Once the activation is done click finish and exit out of the License Upgrade Window.

4.       To start the SLicense service so your clients can pull a network license click License Service Controller

5.       When the License Service Controller window opens up, click the Start button to start the service.

6.       Your product is now activated and ready to set up the workstations to design and print labels.

The Second part is done on your network workstation.

(For TEKLYNX version 2014 and later)
1a.     You need to open your Network Administration menu. To do that click Start > All Program >  YOUR TEKLYNX Program > Network Administration.

(For TEKLYNX version 2012 and earlier)
1b.     From within the trial software go to Tools > Network Administration.



2.       Then click the Use network license checkbox.
3.       Then in Server location you need to enter \\NameofyourServer
4.       Click Ok to Finish.
5.       You can now open your TEKLYNX Product

Watch this short tutorial: